2018 Pender Island Fun Dog Show

What a beautiful day for a Dog Show!  The contestants were as good as the day, dogs and their people behaved with equal aplomb!

First, let me give you a list of winners:

  • Cutest Puppy……. Molly with Hedy Kovaks
  • Prettiest Bitch….Millie…with Sheryl Aftias
  • Most Handsome Dog.….for the 2nd year in a row…..Flynn with Dorothy Murdoch!
  • Dog that Looks Most Like Its Handler…Zeb with Joanna Rogers
  • Best Child Handler….Gracie [with Pippa]
  • Obedience…Zola with Cynthia Whitaker
  • Temptation Alley….Flynn with Dorothy Murdoch
  • Fancy Dress.…Kiegan with Emma
  • Best Senior Dog….Monty with Carl Hamson
  • Best Single Trick…Arrow with Carrie Lloyd
  • Marvelous Mini…Maya … owned by Ewa Jarosinska, shown by Jodi Schamberger
  • Egg & Spoon Race….Thor with Jodi
  • Musical Mats……… no number, no name!
  • Scruffiest Mutt….Willie with Holly Jowett
  • And………..BEST IN SHOW….Kaia …with James Christie


Heartfelt thanks go to Ene Haabnit for keeping track of the winners, for the second year in a row!  Many thanks!

All classes were well attended, which did not make the job any easier for the judges: Victor, Dennis P and Sherrie Steeves.  They did a fabulous job nevertheless and managed it without keeping us in suspense for too long!

Gary, as usual, did a great job as MC, with his dog-themed music to start and his banter throughout!  What would we do without you, Gary?

Melody Pender stepped into Gerry Phillips shoes at the last minute, when Gerry came back from holiday with a streaming cold; and she did a wonderful job as Ring Steward, guiding all the contestants in their classes.

Hilary Andrew did a lovely demonstration of Agility, calling on a dog she is babysitting, who had never seen an Agility course or even equipment before, to show how to get started.  :ittle Bobo did brilliantly!  Then it was Flynn’s turn, he has been doing Agility for a few months and is loving it!  Then it was Stoney’s turn!  Stoney is Hilary’s “trialling” dog, her competition dog; he;s won all sorts of titles and ribbons and he didn’t let her down!  He barked his way round the, for him, very small course and enjoyed every minute of it!

This was followed by a short demonstration by Anne Ashton, with her Golden Retriever, Brody, of some of the things she’s taught him.  Brody is six years old and Anne’s had him from 9 weeks old and says that it is much, much easier to begin teaching at that age than to leave it til later!  She should know; she took on a 10 month old Golden and is really seeing a difference in the way the two dogs learn. Brody loves to learn something new….Charley…not so much!

The organizers: Joanna Rogers, Dorothy Murdoch and Sandi Pugh, should like to thanks all those who helped to make this event such a success, around 200 people watched,  40 dogs were registered to enter and over $400 was raised to split between PAWS, BCSPCA and BC German Shepherd Rescue.

Author – Anne Ashton